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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I’m not sure how to book an apartment or other property in your online booking system?

A:  The reservation of apartments or other property consists of a few simple steps.  After selecting a city we are presented with the list of apartments.  Depending on whether you narrowed down the search by the choice of various options in the search stripe you can either see all the apartments that are offered through our system or the appropriate selection chosen by the system to match you search parameters.  The details regarding each apartment are available for view after clicking the option ‘Details’ or the photo in the apartment’s tag (which takes us directly to the photo gallery).  In the details section there is a page called ‘Availability’.  This is where we can see the calendar and the already booked dates.  After selecting the arrival and departure date and clicking the button ‘check the price/availability’ we can see the exact costs for your stay and the amount of advance payment required for the booking.  If your dates are available there will be a button ‘make a reservation’.  Clicking this option and filling in the form with all the necessary personal date you will be taken to the DotPay secure online payment system where after making the required advance payment your reservation will be finalized.  Information about your payment and processing of your reservation is immediately sent to the e-mail address that you wrote in the form. The information about the acceptance of your booking by the owner and the voucher is sent to the same address within 24 hours. 

Q:  There are some symbols/icons in the property tag that I don’t understand.  What do they stand for?

A:  In most cases if you place the mouse arrow on a symbol/icon the written explanation of its meaning is displayed.

Q:  Why do I have to wait for the owner’s acceptance of my reservation up to 24 hours?

A:  After you have made your reservation your dates are blocked immediately in the system but the 24 hour period is necessary to exclude the possibility of overbooking and to let the owner accept your reservation. The policy of the does not allow for  the change of properties due to overbooking as we think that the unique character of the accommodation venues makes it an inappropriate practice.

Q:  If my reservation is denied will I get back the money I paid as an advance payment?

A:  Yes.  The advance payment that we collect through the DotPay system is immediately returned to the customer if we are not able to finalize a reservation of a property.